Reproductive Freedoms
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As a young Latina, I relied on organizations like Planned Parenthood as my healthcare option for annual exams and oral contraceptives to ease excruciating menstrual cramping. Without their non-judgmental, low-cost services, I wouldn’t have had access to this essential care. Similarly, it is often the only affordable option for basic reproductive healthcare like birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing for so many. I remain grateful for Planned Parenthood as they provide important education and empower patients to take control of their reproductive health.

That is a big reason why I find the continued assault on access to our fundamental freedoms and vital healthcare all the more disturbing. Florida’s new six-week abortion ban is cruel by design and biologically nonsensical. Extreme politicians are also putting family planning like IVF on the chopping block and want to criminalize access to contraception. 

We must fight back against the relentless attacks on reproductive rights because politicians don’t belong in the doctor’s office. In Congress, I’ll always stand up for women, work to federally codify Roe, end the cruel abortion bans, and restore our freedoms.

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