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Building a stable, inclusive, and resilient economy that works for everyone and provides opportunity for all starts with investing in people and our communities. Too often, workers face impossible choices and obstacles when they’re up against the rising cost of childcare, caregiving responsibilities for a sick family member, or lacking accommodations, yet want to work. By investing in childcare, paid family and medical leave, and safe, healthy workplaces, we can grow our economy and build a strong middle class.

As someone who helped form a union in the workplace, I will be a proud, reliable champion for workers’ rights in Congress. Unions are essential to ensuring all workers can organize and collectively bargain for the fair pay, good benefits, safe working conditions, and secure retirement they deserve – and creating vibrant, more resilient communities. I also believe Congress must support our small businesses and entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the resources needed to attract and retain a high-quality workforce and create good, family-sustaining jobs.

Public trust is understandably low in both the physical and digital economy, and it’s imperative that the U.S. take steps now before we fall behind globally. Blockchain technology and digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, offer significant opportunities for technological innovation. Such technology presents opportunities for Americans to pursue new avenues of financial security, and Congress holds a responsibility to modernize our regulatory framework while ensuring consumers and our environment are protected. Doing so will help foster innovation, safeguard national security, and improve economic outcomes for Americans.

As a member of Congress, I will always prioritize people, not politics, and work tirelessly so that everyone, no matter their station in life, has the opportunity to thrive.

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