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Infrastructure impacts every facet of our lives – from the roads we drive to the electricity that powers our homes to the water we drink. That’s why, during my time at the White House, our team championed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, resulting in billions of dollars in investment as well as short- and long-term results for the people of Florida.

Upgrading our roads and bridges not only improves safety and traffic flow for residents, but also supports the efficient movement of goods and services that is essential for a robust economy. Modernizing water, sewer, and power systems safeguards public health and prepares our region for future growth. And expanding public transit options provides affordable, accessible transportation that enhances quality of life and reduces environmental impact. Infrastructure investments have a multiplier effect, generating economic activity and the creation of good-paying job opportunities.

Infrastructure is a smart, forward-looking investment. Neglecting these needs will have devastating consequences on economic development, quality of life, and Pinellas’ long-term competitiveness. Action on this front positions our communities for continued prosperity, makes our communities more resilient and safer, and ensures we can continue to be an enjoyable place to live, work, and visit for generations to come.

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