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For decades, Congress has failed to pass meaningful immigration reform thanks to political gridlock and gamesmanship, and as a result, the U.S.’s outdated immigration system is collapsing under the weight of modern day challenges.

Rather than setting aside partisanship and focusing on solutions, Anna Paulina Luna is part of the problem. She opposed a bipartisan immigration bill that was endorsed by Border Patrol that would’ve addressed the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border because Donald Trump told her to so they can keep using the crisis for political gain. The plan she opposed would have hired 1,500 more agents and officers to secure our border and keep drugs like fentanyl out of the country and out of Florida.

The American people deserve an immigration system that works and enhances our security. In Congress, I will work to fix our immigration system and deliver the resources that border and immigration personnel need. More than ever, we need leaders who are focused on solutions.

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