Florida Politics: Sabrina Bousbar adds Latina perspective as 6-week abortion ban takes effect

Sabrina Bousbar, one of five Democrats who will appear on the ballot this year for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, is adding her voice to the cacophony of outrage from the Left as Florida’s six-week abortion effect goes into effect.

“It is a dark day in Florida as this cruel, biologically nonsensical law creates a health crisis for millions of women across the Southeast. And as with most health disparities, it is young women, low-income women, and women of color who stand to be disproportionately harmed,” Bousbar said of the law, before directing her ire at the CD 13 Republican incumbent she hopes to challenge in the General Election.

“For self-described extremists like Anna Paulina Luna, banning abortion isn’t about protecting life — it’s a blatant power grab, attempt to control women’s bodies, and attack on lifesaving healthcare.”

The law took effect Wednesday after the Florida Supreme Court a month ago ruled that the state’s 15-week abortion ban could stand, which triggered the more restrictive six-week ban. Both were approved in Florida’s GOP supermajority Legislature and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The law provides exceptions in cases of rape or incest, or to protect the life of the mother.

Even with those exceptions, the ban is among the strictest in the nation, and leaves North Carolina as the only option for abortion care past six weeks of pregnancy in the Deep South.

Democrats across the state have been lamenting the new law this week, including two of Bousbar’s Primary challengers. Whitney Fox held a press conference Tuesday with supporters and a local mom who was forced to obtain an abortion after her wanted pregnancy was no longer viable — care that she argued might not have been allowed under the law that is now in effect. And Liz Dahan weighed in with an op-ed similarly criticizing the law.

But Bousbar, who would be the first Generation X female member of Congress if elected, offered an additional perspective on the law’s implications to women like her.

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