Courier: Sabrina Bousbar: The Transformative Power of Gen Z in Politics

As a daughter of immigrants and Gen Zer running for office, I know firsthand what it’s like to be underestimated and undervalued. It’s an obstacle that young women of color, and young people more broadly, often encounter as their perspectives are discounted and disregarded. 

And I’m here to say that’s a mistake. 

When it comes down to it, Gen Z holds significant, transformative power. Our generation is the first to grow up in the digital age, and we are a powerful force in shaping political discourse and driving movements. We are increasingly adaptable, come from so many different backgrounds and perspectives, and are eager to collaborate and find actual solutions.  

From gun violence to abortion rights to economic security to the climate crisis, these urgent realities profoundly impact all of us, and especially our generation. And it is imperative that we, as Gen Z, do our part because we are the key to a better future for all of us. 

It is my firm belief in the power of Gen Z that led to my bid for Congress in my home district in Florida this year. And as I speak with voters, it’s clear that people across the country are ready for leaders focused on actually getting things done.

We deserve better than do-nothing politicians who just offer more ‘thoughts and prayers’ after every mass shooting. 

We deserve better than do-nothing politicians who are dead-set on banning abortion nationally, attacking family planning like IVF, and restricting access to lifesaving healthcare. 

We deserve better than do-nothing politicians who deny the climate crisis, particularly in the face of stronger, more deadly hurricanes, and refuse to act on the existential crisis of our time.

My opponent Anna Paulina Luna is at the center of Congress’s inaction on these pressing issues that impact people’s everyday lives. Rather than working towards solutions, she continues to prioritize conspiracy theories and her right-wing extreme ideology above the people she is supposed to serve.

These very real problems are here, whether we like it or not, and there is so much at stake for our generation. For example, I am the product of a community already feeling the effects of the climate crisis – and it’s my personal knowledge of the pain it can cause that fuels my passion for boosting resiliency and preparing for the future.

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